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The Flight of Spring [2018]

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Each order contains two discs (three for 4K Blu-Ray sets). Disc I presents the season highlights film, featuring photographs and film clips from throughout the season as well as the Senior Tribute and Season Results films (the Highlights Film is split across two discs for the 4K Blu-Ray). Disc II contains extras including competition performances, the JV show, and the Leadership Team Film.

     While we take every measure to ensure a quality product, it is possible that your player may not interact with our discs as intended. We cover all of our discs with a 90-day warranty; if you experience a problem with your order within that time, we will exchange your disc set for a new copy or a full refund depending on your needs. Please contact us at [email protected] immediately if you encounter any issues.

      While our disc sets are mastered at 4K, not all of our footage is recorded at that resolution. Therefore, some segments or discs within a 4K Blu-Ray set may not be of noticeably higher resolution than a standard Blu-Ray. However, the higher bitrate offered by the newer 4K Blu-Ray technology allows for higher-quality colour and a cleaner picture even where the footage itself does not meet or exceed 4K resolution. Also, please note we do not currently utilise HDR encoding in any capacity.

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