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We have received several requests for a “Senior Special” compilation disc to act as a companion piece to our regular Season Highlights film releases. We have elected to turn this custom request into an upgradeable package deal available to all Senior families.

For the price of $40, you receive a tailored disc case, the “Senior Special” disc, and a 5x7 print. Available only on Blu-Ray, the “Senior Special” disc contains one, single-camera performance of each JV and Varsity show from the 2016-2019 marching band seasons as well as the Senior Tribute film seen at Celebration Night. The disc case features a picture of your student from our archives, and you will also receive a 5x7 print copy of that same photo. If requested otherwise, you may select the cover photograph yourself, though we can only offer a 5x7 copy of our own pictures (e.g. we will not print a 5x7 if you request the cover feature one of your student’s senior pictures).

Please note that all content on the “Senior Special” disc is available on our yearly season highlights films; the “Senior Special” simply provides a convenient way to watch your student’s four performances on one disc in addition to the custom case cover/print package.

We are also offering an optional print package in conjunction with this release. For an additional $25, we include an 8x10 and two 5x7 prints, a $36 value. We can either upload a selection of photos we find for your to choose from or simply select them ourselves, whichever is more convenient for you.

     While we take every measure to ensure a quality product, it is possible that your player may not interact with our discs as intended. We cover all of our discs with a 90-day warranty; if you experience a problem with your order within that time, we will exchange your disc set for a new copy or a full refund depending on your needs. Please contact us at [email protected] immediately if you encounter any issues.

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